About ETA

When you need a specific industrial tooling product, like a torque arm, isn’t it nice to talk to someone whose entire company is based upon expertise in that one product and it’s correct application and understanding of how that will help your operation? Isn’t it also great not to have to pay through the nose for that product? Contact us and find out just how nice it is.

When Ergonomic Tool Arms, LLC started, our goal was to produce a simple, smooth operating, well made arm that could be adapted and accessorized to handle all the major needs in bench assembly and tapping markets. And to make the best tool arm possible it was absolutely necessary to machine all the components and assemble everything right here where we had full control and could delivery quickly.

What about you and your company? If you are on the front lines of a product or component assembly process, your bottom-line depends upon wise capital investment in tools and equipment. It also depends upon productive, injury-free workers producing your products efficiently and without defects.

Good assembly tools for driving fasteners are expensive. But they are worth it if you use them effectively and take good care of them.

This is where the idea of a tool arm or torque arm came from decades ago. Conventional tool arms eliminate torque reaction for the operator, improve fastening processes and increase tool longevity by preventing careless abuse. These are the passive benefits of torque reaction arms. Smart arms provide additional benefits because they also have an active part in controlling and error-proofing the assembly process.

From the beginning we knew we had a good arm design offered at a very reasonable price, but we honestly expected that it would take some time to get people to try something from a new company. What surprised us was the response from the industrial marketplace. Sales took off quickly in the first few months and within the first 2 years ETA distributors were receiving multiple reorders from major manufactures in North America and overseas. Through our very capable distribution network of technical sales engineers we soon had as customers the top aerospace, automakers, auto component suppliers, appliance, small engine, off-road equipment makers, and many other consumer product manufacturers.

Because our arms were accepted so rapidly, some of our distributors asked us if we could add absolute encoders to our design so that they could offer our arm where positional feedback was required. After numerous requests for these smart arms, we decided we had better get busy and add ETA Smart-arms to our product line. Thus the models on this website came into being in 2013.

We hope you will be as pleased with the value and performance of our tool arms as the rest of our customers are. Contact us and let us know what you think. If you purchase an ETA product and are dissatisfied with it in any way, you are welcome to send it right back for a refund.