Standard Options

Vertical Position Feedback

Standard ETA Smart-arm models listed under Model Selection provide position feedback to any point on the horizontal plane (X & Y coordinates). This Vertical Position Feedback option (VPF) will add feedback to the vertical plane or Z axis to ensure operator is working on the correct level of the assembly. A Linear Resistive Transducer (LRT) is mounted internally in our air cylinder to provide coordinate value to the smart arm controls. When supplied with 10 V DC the LRT provides a linear 0-10 VDC output based on cylinder position. This option is excellent at error- proofing multi-level assemblies or in certain applications, will provide enforcement of fasteners driven in the horizontal orientation. For electrical information see the VPF section on Specifications page.

Note: This option is not for use in determining that a fastener is driven to an accurate depth. While this LRT is very accurate, compliance within driver tool spindles, bits & sockets make feedback on the arm ineffective at determining exact vertical height of a fastener. Verification of precise fastener depth must be done directly at the fastener with vision, tool angle feedback or other means of measurement.

Overhead Mount

Any ETA Tool Arm can be built to mount overhead instead of bench or floor mount.
Simply put a dash and OM after the model number. ( -OM )

Extended Reach

EX option is available on 806 and 815 frames only. Reach of arm is extended in 1 inch increments up to 44” on EL models and 42” on PA models.

Note: When extended, total tooling weight limit is reduced and minimum reach is increased. Consult your distributor or ETA for specific application info. EX option must be ordered with new arms only. It cannot be retrofit to existing arms.

Heavy Duty Base


All ETA Arms mount onto 1-1/4" NPT Base Post. For longer reaches, heavier weights or higher torque we use larger, stronger shafts and bearings but typically the post cap remains a 2" hex OD with 1-1/4" NPT post threads. When mounting to the floor or a long drop from the ceiling or even higher torque applications that are bench mounted, it is sometimes recommended to use a more robust pedestal. Our Heavy Duty B250 base using a heavy floor plate of 3/8" thick steel 8" in diameter with 2-1/2" NPT pipe threads provides the needed rigidity. A typical B250 base 36" high weighs about 25 pounds. The B250 Base has 3 holes for 1/2" or M12 Grade-8 anchors.

Model B250-0 includes welded Mounting Flange and the 2-1/2" NPT x 1-1/4" NPT Reducing Coupler illustrated on the right. The 2-1/2" & 1-1/4" pipe needed can be furnished by others or quoted through ETA. On custom arms requiring B250 bases, the pipe of appropriate lengths is typically included by ETA.