ETA Builds Customized Smart-Arms & Tool Holders

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Smart-Arms for Small Automotive Parts Assembly
ETA built a quantity of four special EL815-N Smart-Arms for an auto parts O.E.M. supplying a major Japanese car company's US plant. They needed fastener enforcement & documentation, but had very little room to fit a standard length ETA Smart-arm in the work envelope. These arms were custom machined so the overall length was 7" less than a standard EL815-N. The customer provided the PLC controls and modified the DC Tool Reaction Bars for tool holders..

Smart-Arm for Diesel Engine Assembly
This custom Smart-Arm was designed & built at the ETA facility and exported to Asia for use on an assembly line being built to produce large stationary diesel engines for powering commercial generators. The manufacturer wanted to reach the entire bolt pattern on the front & rear of the diesel engine block to enforce and document that all bolt rundowns were completed correctly. The application required the arm to have at least 30" of vertical travel with Vertical Position Feedback (VPF option) and enough horizontal travel to enable the arm to reach all the fasteners easily and then to fold conveniently out of the way while the massive engine block is turned on a huge index table. An added safety benefit of an ETA smart arm is that controls can also be programmed to ensure that the arm is safely moved out of the way between sequences avoiding collision with other moving objects like robots, index tables or assembled products being repositioned on an assembly line. We also designed & built a custom tool cradle for their transducerized air pulse tool that gives the operator a choice of 3 handle positions.

ETA took the customer's CAD drawing of the largest bolt pattern and printed it full scale. To test ergonomics & work area coverage we positioned the full size drawing on stands at exactly the height the bolts would be positioned on the conveyor line in the new factory and then positioned the arm in the designated mounting location on the floor using its Heavy Duty #B250 Mounting Base with the proper length of 2-1/2" NPT pipe to reach the elevation of the bolt pattern . ETA provided the arm assembled with absolute rotary encoders and VPF cylinder with 0-10 V DC feedback. The customer furnished the transducerized pulse tool and their own programming and controls for this 3 axis smart arm. Horizontal Reach is 32" minimum and 65" maximum. Vertical travel is 34". For additional views of this custom Smart-arm click on the thumbnails below.

...and Custom Tool Holders!

At ETA we design custom tool holders to fit customer's applications. Below is an example of a holder that adapts a flange mounted DC driver to an ETA Torque Arm. This was designed working off the cad drawings from the tool manufacturer. We can also work directly off the customer's tool, if drawings are not available.