Vertical Travel 17.50" (445 mm)
Maximum Reach 37" (940mm) 34" (864mm)
Minimum Reach ~13" (330mm)
Tool Holder Capacity 1-1/8 to 2" ø N/A
Shipping Weights 26-31 lbs (11,7 - 14 Kg)
Tool Supply Hose N/A 5/16 or 3/8 Braided Polyurethane
Air Requirements .01 cfm per air tool


2 Absolute Rotary Encoders - Standard Equipment for X & Y Feedback (horizontal position coordinates)
Power Supply Operating Voltage 10.8 - 26.4 VDC *
Current Consumption 70mA max. each encoder (x2)
* To be supplied by Class II source
Fastener Location Accuracy 0.25" R (6.4mm) with 10 Bit Input
Encoder Accuracy ~10.5 Arc Minutes with 10 Bit Input
Output Output Type NPN open collector
Output Logic Negative logic (active low)
Residual Voltage 0.4V min. 1.5V max.
Sinking Current 16mA (x2) 32mA (x2)
Load Power Supply Voltage DC 35V or less
Short-circuit Protection Not Protected
Resolution 1024
Flying Leads Number of Cables & Conductors 7mm ø cables (x2) with 12 color-coded conductors and 1 ground shield in each (see Pin-Out below)
Wire Size & Length 26 Awg ea. conductor x 55" long cables (from tool arm rear pivot)
Wire Pin-Out Wire Color Connection Note; The sheild wire (GROUND) is not connected to the encoder body. The encoder body is connected to the 0V line through the capacitor.

Use Gray Code Card with a PLC or convert Gray Code to binary numbers.
Blue O VDC
Brown +12/24 VDC
Black bit 0 (20)
Red bit 1 (21)
Orange bit 2 (22)
Yellow bit 3 (23)
Green bit 4 (24)
Purple bit 5 (25)
Gray bit 6 (26)
White bit 7 (27)
Black/White bit 8 (28)
Red/White bit 9 (29)


Ambient Temperature Operating: -10 to 70° C
Storage: -25 to 85° C
Ambient Humidity 25 - 85% RH (no condensation)
Protection Construction IEC Standard IP65
(Dust-proof, Splash-proof type)
Smart-Arm medium-duty encoders are designed and built for industrial environments. However, as you would with any precision industrial electronics, avoid excessive and unnecessary shock and impact to encoders. Encoders are manufactured by KOYO Electronics CO, LTD, Japan.

SPECIFICATIONS on VPF (Vertical Position Feedback)

Model # Suffix = VPF (example; EL815-SA-VPF)
VPF provides an optional 3rd or "Z" axis on Smart-Arms by adding a LRT (Linear Resistive Transducer) to the ETA float cylinder.
Control Required- 0-10 VDC Analog Inputs up to 12 Bit Resolution
Total Cylinder Stroke 2-1/2 inches (63.5 mm)
Total Torque Arm Vertical Travel 17-1/2 inches (445 mm)
Signal Input 10 VDC
Position Repeatability at Fastener Tool using 12 Bit Resolution < 0.025" (.65 mm) EX option slightly less accurate
Variable Resistance ~ 1 KΩ per inch (2.5 KΩ total)
Linearity ± 1% of Cylinder Stroke
Resolution Infinate
Input Impedance Required 1 Mohm
life expectancy ~ 10,000,000 cycles


Compressed Air Quality Clean, Dry, Non-lubed Air
Air Filtration 5 Microns
Ambiant Temperature 0° - 200° F

SPECIFICATIONS on FSK (Feedback Signal Kit)

Standard Equipment on on all PA model Smart-Arms for Air Tools
Minimum Air Flow Required 4 SCFM
Contacts Normally Open & Normally Closed
Max. DC Contact Rating 5.0A Resistive @ 0-28 VDC
3.0A Inductive @ 0-28 VDC
Max. AC Contact Rating 5.0 A @ 250 VAC
Maximum Cable ø 9 mm