All metal components including bearings and shafts of Ergonomic Tool Arms and ETA accessories are warrantied to the original purchaser and their assigns against manufacturing defects and excessive wear under normal industrial use for a period of 3 years from date of purchase. Items specifically covered below are not covered by this 3 year warranty.

1 Year Warranty on Absolute Rotary Encoders and ETA Smart-Arm Controllers. Encoders and their integrated cables are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for1 year from date of purchase. This warranty is provided by the supplier of the encoders and administered by ETA through ETA distributors. ETA Smart-Arm Controllers, Cables & Connectors are manufactured by ETA and warrantied against manufacturing defects for 1 year from date of purchase. No electrical devices are warrantied against physical impact damage or accidental abuse. Any evidence of the presence of water or other liquid or corrosive gases during warranty diagnosis will void this warranty coverage and a repair estimate will be completed.

VPF Option. Optional Z-Axis Vertical Position Feedback (VPF) contains integrated pneumatic & electrical elements in the air cylinder. Life expectancy for the Linear Resistive Transducer probe is 10 million cycles. A maintenance procedure outlined in ETA Smart-Arm Owner’s Manual is recommended. Malfunction at significantly less than 10 million cycles will most likely be repaired or replaced by the cylinder manufacturer, Bimba Mfg. Dirty (non-filtered), wet or lubricated air may affect the outcome of warranty claims. See instructions in Owner’s Manual on proper air supply preparation.

1 Year Warranty on Pneumatic Components. ETA warranties all pneumatic parts against defects in material or workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. Due to the possibility, beyond the control of ETA, of chemical attack by certain airborne compressor oil additives, this 1 Year Warranty does not apply to soft (non-metal) parts that prove to be affected by chemicals within the customer’s air system. Damage caused by unfiltered compressed air will also not be covered under this warranty. This includes seals within regulators, cylinders & valves, all air lines and fittings. Some of these parts may be covered by warranties from the companies who manufacture the pneumatic components for ETA. Contact ETA for more information. When not covered by warranty, replacement air system parts and hoses are available for sale from ETA through your Industrial Distributor.

General Info on ETA Warranties Above.

Uses other than that intended and stated by the ETA, any accidental or intentional abuse, damage from natural disasters, or modification to the form or function of the product, will void this warranty. Intentional tampering with spec and serial number tag on the forearm may also invalidate this warranty.

ETA Products are intended for use with filtered compressed air only, at 125 psi maximum. Use at higher pressures or with other gases or using hydraulic fluids with this product is a violation of this warranty and may pose a safety or health hazard. Air must be dry and filtered to 5 microns. Air lubrication is not needed for ETA arm pneumatics but can be present if required by customer’s air tool on PA models. Air to regulator and cylinder should not be lubricated if your Smart-Arm has VPF Option.

ETA Products are intended for use in climate controlled indoor environments, not subject to outdoor elements. Rust, corrosion or weathering due to exposure to uncontrolled climate conditions is not warrantied.

The term excessive wear above is defined as causing the arm to function improperly and/or cause the customer’s tool to be at an unusable angle to the customer’s product. Any bearing showing measurable differences in thickness or concentricity due to wear will also be covered under this 3 year warranty. NOTE; ETA will err on the customer’s side if customer feels wear is causing undesirable performance of their arm.

Choice to repair or replace parts that are covered by warranty claims is at the discretion of Ergonomic Tool Arms, LLC.
All repairs or replacements are warrantied for the remainder of the original warranty period only. All other repairs not covered by this warranty, will be completed after a written estimate of time and materials is agreed to by your distributor. Whenever practical, replacement parts will be most current revision at the time of repair. Under this warranty ETA is not obligated to send bearings, shafts or other components for customer to install or otherwise use for warranty repairs.

Contact ETA or the distributor you purchased ETA products from for Return Material Authorization Number (RMA #) before shipping back to ETA. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to ETA in Doylestown, PA, USA . ETA will pay return freight of products repaired under warranty to customers within the 48 continental United States (Alaska & Hawaii excluded) . Customers outside continental United States must pay for freight and/or customs costs for warranty repair shipments.

This warranty supersedes all prior warranties written, oral, express or implied. This warranty does not cover and Ergonomic Tool Arms, LLC will in no event be liable for any business interruptions, loss of profits, harm, injury, damage, personal injury, cost of delay or any special indirect, incidental or consequential losses, costs or damages. ETA’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the tool arm or tool arm accessory. This warranty limits ETA obligation to reasonably prompt repair of customer’s covered unit(s). Swap or loan of like product is not covered by this warranty and if offered by ETA, is by the decision of ETA at the time of the warranty claim.

Note; Some states in the USA do not allow limitations on incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations may not apply to all customers. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. These rights vary from state to state.

ETA Smart-Arm Warranty (PDF)